[linux-audio-user] gain and jack issues

we are gateswideopen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 00:18:54 EST 2006

hey all,

i have been using ardour2 (CVS) for about a year now and it has proved
extremely useful and powerful. however, i am very confused when it
come to how to control gain.

firstly, i am using a gentoo system with a RME multiface with PCMCIA.
(love this combo)

I have a lot of problems getting a nice amount of gain from various
sources, namely keyboards/synths, guitars, and live mixing desks.
When i record into ardour the waveform is barely visable but i can
hear it. it is pretty useless unless i normalise it after recording.
this has been what i have been doing everytime i record something and
its becoming a very tedious and i feel it is bad practice.
i know that the multiface can have the internal gain changed to -10 +4
but i don't think that is the issue as the equipment i am using is
nothing unusual.

also, trying to get decent gain out of ardour is difficult to. the
strange thing is that when i play files in audacious/XMMS though jack
while ardour is running its REALLY loud. futhermore, when i import
external sound files on ardour and preview the sound in the dialog
box, once again its REALLY loud.

could someone please explain to me what is happening.

and yes, i have been using the HDSPmixer to alter gain however, i feel
that the resolution of the faders is a little weak.

thanks all!

keep up the good work.

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