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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Dec 5 10:52:04 EST 2006

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Mark Knecht wrote:
> On 12/5/06, Marc-Olivier Barre <mobarre at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > sorry for hiJACKing the thread..
>> >
>> > I experience some annoying behavior with qjackctl 0.2.21 Qt3.3.7 +
>> gnome
>> > + metacity (debian/sid). anyone else too?
>> >
>> > I've "enabled system try icon" and "keep child windows always on top"
>> > in qjackctl settings.
>> >
>> > 1) if qjackctl starts up before the notification area in the panel
>> >    it ends up on the first desktop...
>> >
>> >  -> tweak startup order in gnome session properties helps,
>> >   but I "always save my session" and the information is reset
>> >   when I re-start qjackctl... ok I could live with that.
>> It's annoying, but I never found a clean workaround. Though, if you
>> look at demudi gnome startup scripts, they have "a sort of" workaround
>> (waiting for the panel to be started).
>> > 2) qjackctl does not appear in the any window list (any more)
>> >  I can not "ALT-TAB" switch to qjackctl or its dialog windows!
>> >  not even select it from the task bar.
>> >  the qjackctl-Icon does not allow me to "raise" windows either.
>> >  fi. if I toggle the connections dialog it sometimes appears behind
>> >  other windows
>> >  - has someone fixed this with  Gconf? qjackctl?
>> >  -> I devote some fixed workspace for qjackctl-connections, and learned
>> >  to use jack_connect ;-P
>> > I have not seen any good alternative to qjackctl! many many thanks Rui!
>> I didn't have the issue with a recent qjackctl.
>> -- 
>> __________________
>> Marc-Olivier Barre,
>> Markinoko.
> I haven't followed this thread. Not meaning to hi-jack too much but
> since you are using QJC on Gnome do you find that if QJC is running on
> a second Gnome workspace that when you go to any other workspace the
> QJC windows disappear from the workspace switcher?

I am confused: do you mean select "connection" from the QJC tray-icon.
This will toggle the connection window. it it was displayed on a
different workspace it will disappear there.

> QJC is the only app I use that does this.

I can not reproduce this here.
gnome-workspace-switcher 2.14.3 always show qjackctl windows.

unless when i enable the QJC setting "keep child windows always on top".
then no QJC window is registered with gnome-taskbar, window-selector,
etc. if I minimize all others, I can access (and resize) them.

Turning this QJC option off, and everything works just fine with gnome.

> Aqualung does this partially

I'm not yet an Aqualung user so I can't tell.

There's some magic that can be configured in the gnome-workspace
switcher and global settings in gconf but I don't know about those.
Applications can override setting too (xmms for example can become
"always on top" - and "always on visible workspace" using some window
manager protocol)

> Anyway, just curious as to  whether this is specific to my systems or
> a common way it works.

I guess most parts are common, but some issue evolve when upgrading
software + mixing with old config files etc.

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