[linux-audio-user] scriptable audio editor to (parallel) combine streams

Kai Vehmanen kvehmanen at eca.cx
Wed Dec 6 04:28:28 EST 2006

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Thomas Sattler wrote:

>> But all that is maybe a bit too much just to enjoy a movie ;-)
> Isn't there a simple tool that can combine two stereo files into a
> four channel front'n'rear file? Or at least combine two mono files
> into left and right channels of a stereo file?

Let's see...

# 1. two stereo files into 4ch file (out1234.wav)
ecasound \
      -a:c1 -i in12.wav \
      -a:c2 -i in34.wav -erc:1,3 -eac:0,1 -erc:2,4 -eac:0,2 \
      -a:c1,c2 -o out1234.wav -z:mixmode,sum

# 2. two stereo files mixed to left and right channels of a
#    single stereo output (out12.wav)
ecasound -a:c1 -i in12.wav -erm:1 -eac:0,2 \
          -a:c2 -i in34.wav -erm:2 -eac:0,1 \
          -a:c1,c2 -o out12.wav -z:mixmode,sum

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