[linux-audio-user] ecasound question with RME hammerfall lite.

Stephen Cameron smcameron at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 12:02:34 EST 2006

I'm trying to record multiple tracks at once from my RME Hammerfall lite,
just to transfer from my AW4416 to PC, the stereo tracks are already recorded
on the AW4416, I just want to transfer them both at once.

Is this the right way to do it?

ecasound -r -c -a:1,2 -i jack -o guitar.wav -a:3,4 -i jack -o drums.wav

Then, type "engine-launch" to ecasound,

then (via qjackctl) connect RME capture channels 1-4 to ecasound inputs 1-4
(assuming audio is coming in on channels 1-4).

Then type "start" in ecasound, and start playback on the aw4416.

So far by this method, I'm capturing only silence, but I suspect 
this is a mistake I'm making on the AW4416 with routing audio to 
the ADAT outputs.

Just want to make sure I'm using ecasound in the correct way
to accomplish what I'm trying to do.

-- steve

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