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Thu Dec 7 15:34:09 EST 2006


Thursday, December 7, 2006, 8:34:49 PM, Carmen wrote:
>> The LAC2007 is taking place at the TU-Berlin, Germany from the 22nd -
>> 25th of March 2007.

c> hey.. does this conference always happen in germany? or is
c> there some kind of 'call for continents' and antarctica and
c> greenland never enter?

The past four years (or rather the first four years), the conference
has been organised in Karlsruhe, Germany, thanks to the generous
support of the ZKM (Centre for Arts and Media) and the tremendous
efforts of Goetz Dipper and Frank Neumann.
The upcoming conference is the first to take place in another city,
even though still in Germany.
It has not yet been decided where LAC2008 will be, and we are open to
proposals for this.

There are however a few things that we have taken up as our goals for
the conference, which is that participance needs to be free, and as
accessible as possible for anyone who wants; which means that the
whole conference will be streamed (as it has been in the past years) to
the internet, both in audio and video, and people not able to
physically attend the conference, can attend it virtually, and also
participate by asking questions via IRC.
The fact that we stream the whole conference, also has a consequence,
that we need to hold the conference at a time, where as many people as
possible can listen to the stream, which means for Germany, that the
Australians maybe have to stay up a bit longer, and the Americans need
to get up a bit earlier, but the times are not too awkward. (For those
that are physically there, it has the nice advantage that we don't
start too early, like some other conferences do...).

Added to that, I believe that Australia also has its own LAC, isn't
that right?

Marije Baalman

Orga-Team Linux Audio Conference 2007

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