[linux-audio-user] Xitel Pro Hifi-link playing mono, not stereo (Fedora Core 6)

martin martin at getyourbadge.net
Fri Dec 8 04:49:08 EST 2006


I have a Xitel Pro HiFi-link usb soundcard which works fine in Linux, 
except that it appears to be sending the same signal to both left and 
right channels.  If I start up e.g. Audacity, import a track and pan it 
all the way to the left or right it still plays in both channels.  The 
same thing happens in Ardour so I don't think it's a software specific 
thing.  I've had this problem in FC5 and FC6.  The sound was fine before 
that (FC4 I think).  This is my first time playing around with Linux 
audio so if anyone could suggest how to start fixing this I'd be 
grateful.  I can post any log/config files.


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