[linux-audio-user] jack things please

Brian Dunn job17and9 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 8 14:30:41 EST 2006

we are wrote:
> On 12/5/06, Rui Nuno Capela <rncbc at rncbc.org> wrote:
>> On Tue, December 5, 2006 05:30, we are wrote:
>> > i have been using qjackctl
>> >
>> > could someone suggest why the iconify button has disappered.
>> >
>> that seems to be an idiosyncrasy of your specific window manager.
> i know this is slightly trivial... sorry.
> i'm using enlightenment 17 and fluxbox but the however the iconify
> button is absent in both.
>> > also, is there a way that it could auto detect what sound card is
>> plugged
>> > in and load a preset accordingly. i use both my HDSP card and the
>> onboard
>> > ICH intel sound chip depending on where i am at or how
>> > orgainised i am. but each card needs different priority and buffer
>> setting
>> > for jack to opperate properly.
>> >
>> > i would really like to have qjackctl startup with my window manager but
>> > due to my flux in sound device decision, i currently end up with
>> loads of
>> > errors and jack complaing at me if the preset does not mach the device
>> > loaded.
>> >
>> > perhaps this is a suggestion if there are no current work arounds.
>> >
> perhaps a startup script is possible to detect the soundcard attached
> and then load a preset accordingly.... ie
> qjackctl -p --preset=$hdsp or $ICH
> needless to say i will have to learn a bit more about scripting but if
> there are any script wizards out there, are there any simple lines
> that people could suggest off the top of their heads.
> cheers

what is an HDSP card? if that's like some plug and play thing than you
could check in /proc/asound and see if a file named after the card comes
and goes when you plug and unplug it.
then maybe something like:


if [ -e /proc/asound/$HDSP ]; then
	qjackctl --preset=$HDSP
	quackctl --preset=$ICH



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