[linux-audio-user] Software suitable for children

Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Sat Dec 9 17:54:15 EST 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Cesare Marilungo wrote:
>> By the way, I'm working on some squeak morphics to manipulate music 
>> and output data via OSC (eg. envelopes, pianorolls, knobs).
> On a different note I recall your squeak-audio message:
> Cesare Marilungo wrote:
> > I just wanted to tell you that I've finally managed to do what I need.
> >
> > I can make squeak talk to PureData via OSC and control other MIDI apps
> > from there. Anyway one of the most interesting uses of squeak (and
> > music) I can think about is to make GUIs and front-ends for PureData
> > patches.
> How is this going? Are you going to make this available on SqueakSource?
It is going slowly. :-)     I'm doing a lot of things at the same time, 
like most people here, I guess. I'll made a release as soon as I'll have 
something interesting to show.

I'm working on independent morphics so you can use them for whatever 
else you want. There are already some nice music related morphics in 
squeak. But they're too tied to the built-in music functionalities which 
basically are just the midi protocol, sample playback and fm synthesis.

For other developers interested in this, there's a very easy to use 
foreign function interface to call whatever library you want from within 

Anyway my idea is to use squeak as some sort of interactive sequencer 
(but using mainly OSC instead of MIDI) where a squeak project ( a .pr 
file) will be the equivalent of a document.




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