[linux-audio-user] Attracting more Linux audio developers

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sun Dec 10 21:10:37 EST 2006

> "Ivica Ico Bukvic" <ico at vt.edu> writes:
> > linuxaudio.org
> How about putting up a wiki.linuxaudio.org where you don't have to
> friggin' register?;). I sure would put stuff in there.

In theory that would be great and personally have no problem with that (I am
not even aware of any *.linuxaudio.org sites that are under direct control
of the consortium and require registration), but then what is to prevent
rotten apples from mangling Wiki with their Viagra ads? Is registering
really that much of an overhead when you have an ability to keep the session
stored in your cookies?


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