[linux-audio-user] Adjusting a midi track's tempo?

Mike Taht mike.taht at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 17:32:58 EST 2006

I have a bunch of stuff I just recorded that has potential. Problem was that
I wasn't paying attention to the tempo set in rosegarden while I was
recording it (and it was set at a variety of different tempos, anyway). Is
there a way (using some linux tool) to select two obvious bar boundries in a
midi file, and have it recalculate the actual tempo of the file from that?

Been having a blast bloggin on getting ardour2, linuxsampler, rosegarden and
hydrogen to play together. Discovered that all that stuff ran over X
client/server just fine, and that freed up enough memory to actually get
some serious production done.

Mike Taht
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