[linux-audio-user] [OT] kororaa report

Andrew Lewis alewis at systemsfusion.com
Wed Dec 13 07:35:46 EST 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 14:27, Ketil Thorgersen wrote:
> On the (old) topic of gentoo, I ust saw another install option -
> sabayonlinux (http://www.sabayonlinux.org) which seems to actually be
> quite usable and updated. I'll try it and see if it can easily be used
> with the pro audio overlay.

It's just a normal Gentoo install with an overlay for their additional stuff. 
I'm running it on the machine I'm using to post this and I use the pro-audio 

TBH I wasn't overwhelmed by it, hopefully the new version is better. :) Ended 
up having to recompile kmail to get IMAP to work, it didn't set up my 
overlays properly, installed a bunch of bloatware for me, etc. I removed the 
Sabayon and XGL overlays from my system and am happily running Gentoo now. :)

Despite this experience, I still prefer it to the GRP, so might look at it in 
future as a means to get running quickly with Gentoo. :)


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