[linux-audio-user] Attracting more Linux audio developers

Rob lau at kudla.org
Wed Dec 13 15:39:01 EST 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 07:09, Jay Vaughan wrote:
> more 'turnkey hardware' approach to Linux audio. Imagine if
> you could (for example), put a simple SD card in something
> like the GP2X and get yourself a fully-functional hardware
> sampler/sequencer environment with zero setup fuss .. this, to
> me, is the way forward for Linux audio, and is one way to
> attract a lot more people to the Linux-audio ideal..

The GP2X is way more powerful than the PCs I was using 10 years 
ago when I was most productive (using my Gravis soundcard and 
Digital Orchestrator Pro under Windows, but also using early 
versions of Timidity to render my MIDI files with no analog 
generation, and Cool Edit for some pretty rudimentary mixing and 
editing.)  So this sort of thing should be possible.  

My only question would be what the options for audio input are on 
the GP2X as I'm not aware of it being a Firewire or USB host.

Sorry if you didn't mean the GP2X specifically, but I think its 
inexpensive nature and relative availability make it almost 
ideal for this sort of project.  The Nintendo DS would be an 
even better choice if it just had a little more oomph, since it 
runs Linux too, is still cheaper and more widely available, and 
has the touch screen for better input options.  But since my 
main computer back then was a P100 with 16MB of RAM, even the DS  
isn't impossible to imagine using for a device like this.


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