[linux-audio-user] Re: Squeak (was Software suitable for children)

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Dec 13 17:11:11 EST 2006

David Baron wrote:
> On Monday 11 December 2006 21:47, linux-audio-user-request at music.columbia.edu 
> wrote:
>>> Smalltalk 80 is, well, 26 years old. Before Unicode so is incompatable
>>> with mutlingual keyboard choices. No Hebrew for my daughter, not in UI
>>> and cannot type it in to text objects either. Truetype fonts (newer than
>>> smalltalk80) are beatutiful but they are also Unicode based nowadays.
>> I'm not a language expert, to say the least. I don't know about Hebrew
>> usage in Squeak. But, Unicode and multilingual support is supported (I
>> think from version 3.7 on, don't know.) If it isn't translated to Hebrew
>> yet, why not help us by doing so! I believe squeak in German, French,
>> Spanish and Japanese are available.
>> Today's True type fonts are also supported.
> Bring up a squeak text widget and try to type in Hebrew. I go nothing in. 
> Hebrew support is more than Unicode--Hebrew and Arabic are right-to-left 
> languages. German, French, etc, do not require unicode to work. The Japanese 
> will argue the point.
> If I knew enough computereze in Hebrew, I would love to do the translation. 
> However, I cannot read Hebrew computer stuff so well myself. My daughter 
> (remember, we are talking about stuff for kids) does not read English 
> computer stuff so well. Her KDE and locale is Hebrew. Mine is English.
Passing this along from the squeakland.org mailing list:


I have developped V-toys a visual programming language built with E-TOYS 
  and compatible with them.

V-toys is using tiles with icones instead of text.

So it is international and understandable in any language and project 
can be shared esily.

I have translatede the car project which is the v-toys version of the 
car piloted by the joystick

You'll find more documentation here

Sorry, the documentation is in french but there are lot of pictures and 
many projects that you can download and try.Be carefull when you save a 
project, ever stay down on the publish button to get the menu and choose 
publish on a different server.

If you just hit Publish, the project will be saved back on the server. 
In this case, immediately hit atlt/dot or apple/dot to stop the process.

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