[linux-audio-user] lashd wows, fst and qsynth

Brian Dunn job17and9 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 14 15:19:46 EST 2006

I simply love lash, but it's not tyeing things together very tight.  fst
 and jack seem to work together well with one vst, but a second vst will
not get saved.  Its ID shows up in jack_control, but only the second one
gets restored when the project is re-opened.
Another issue is qsynth.  I'm running a lash enabled fluidsynth that
works correctly, (but it doesn't rename itself in lash so you get this
ugly random name) but when i use qsynth it doesn't join lash. :(


 qsynth --version
Qt: 3.3.6
qsynth: 0.2.5

fluidsynth --version
FluidSynth 1.0.7


lashd version 0.5.2

jackd 0.101.1

Is fst supposed to act that way? is this a bug I need to report? it
seems more likely that I just did something wrong.  any ideas?

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