[linux-audio-user] Qsynth and .sf2 drum kits

Esa Linna esa.linna at kolumbus.fi
Thu Dec 14 17:26:05 EST 2006


I am successfully banging my midi drum pads* ( via Qsampler (and 
NSkit7Free .gig). At first I didn't know how to get a right sound from 
every pad, but I found that I had to change Midi input channels as "all" 
in Qsampler. Maybe I have to do same for Qsynth. But how? Or do these 
soundfonts work "straight out of the box" at all, like NSKit7Free?

And another question: is there a way to convert sf2 to gig?

* my midi drums = http://www.emvg.net/esa/garage/img017.jpeg


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