[linux-audio-user] Re: Attracting more Linux audio developers<<<random thoughts by an individual>>>

Vince Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Fri Dec 15 09:19:48 EST 2006


Please don't take anything I say personal...  it's not meant that way at all.

The question put forward is; 'Attracting more Linux audio developers'...  
Here's may take on the question.  All  IMHO...

A good way to attract more audio developers is to make it worthwhile for them 
to do what they do... develop.  Be it for free, as in freedom, or even with a 
profit incentive.  Also attracting more users will help.

We can't attract anyone if we bicker and 'dis' persons that have given greatly 
in the past but because they graduated from University and need to put food 
on the table today.  When you get old time becomes of great value, besides 
dis-ing anyone is extremely bad form  and terribly unproductive.  As my 
people say, 'be most respectful of the gifts that have been given'.  To that 
I will add, don't toss gifts given in to the face of the giver... ever...

If we want to attract more users what is being developed today needs to be 
allot more user friendly then some of the applications are to date.  The 
"KISS" method comes to mind here.

This next part I don't like but will mention it;  User friendly can only exist 
if there are clear instructions on the useage of any package... GUI's come to 
mind.  Many new comers don't want to even see the Uni* console, they want to 
see...  and see clearly...  That is what GUI's are for right?

As for Linux audio users...  it's a very small select group and that always 
makes it hard to get any new development going.  I know of very few persons 
that want to play a small or empty house.

I personally am looking into the 'live' distros these days.  I think that they 
might be the way to go.  I have passed around a number of 'Puppy Linux- 
seamonkey version' for some friends that want a change from 'micro-(semi) 
soft' products.  It's a very user friendly distro for beginners.

I also have burned a CD of the 'M-dist' live CD...  that's the music live 
system.  The idea of have different distros for specific operations seems to 
be a very workable way for Linux to go.  Not everyone wants more than one 
computer so these discs are an excellent way to go.  M-dist can be a bit of a 
challenge for a newbie tho...

For the developer's keeping the libraries under control would be very 
helpful...  Perhaps making static distros of product?  

I've been running Slackware since the beginning so messing with scripts and 
such is no big deal but for a newbies any of this could be a nightmare'.  
frustrating and even maddening.  We have lost an unknown number of users 
because of setup alone... and that comes back to 'KISS'...

So there's my quick blurb... for what it's worth...



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