[linux-audio-user] New member wants to build a reliable DAW

rob rob at curates-egg.org
Mon Dec 18 03:41:31 EST 2006

mark at ehle.homelinux.org wrote:
> I have a Delta 1010 on the way, and would like recommendations on 
> parts (motherboard / CPU / memory / drives / distro) that would make a 
> machine that I would not have to wish later on that I had bought 
> something else. My main use for the system would be recording my Brass 
> Quintet and my piano/keyboard musings (the hobby part) and possibly 
> live recoding work (the sideline part). Seems to me that there would 
> be some money to be made by recording events and providing Cd's for 
> sale immediately after, as well as MP3's online.
Hi Mark

I recently built a machine for similar purposes.  Although unfinished (I 
still have not transferred my Delta1010 from my current box), I can find 
no issues that would indicate that it will not work (it is working with 
an old Ensoniq card reliably at 8ms round-trip - which seems to be the 
best the card can manage).

I chose Intel this time around - primarily as a result of their having 
released either open-source drivers or the information required for the 
community to help themselves.  So, I sourced an Intel D945GNTL ATX 
motherboard (ICH7 chipset, integrated sound/video, SATA II), coupled 
with a Pentium D945 (dual core 3.4GHz), and (initially) 1Gb DDR667 MHz RAM.


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