[linux-audio-user] Attracting more Linux audio developers

Oscar spacepluk at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 03:44:48 EST 2006

Hi everybody,

I've been lurking around for a time and this is my first post in the
list. English is not my mother language so please don't be so hard
with me if I look too rude :)

I just don't understand people who says that registering in a site
(wiki or whatever) is too much work... I think It's obvious that
cleaning spam by hand is way more work than simply fulfilling a form
with some personal data "once".

Of course we'll lose some anonymous edits but we gain tidiness and
precious time we can spent on real work.

OTOH I don't think there are enough linux audio users at this time to
gain from anonymous edits. There are more spammers for sure...

Just my two cents.

(> <)
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