[linux-audio-user] OT: Cell Phone RFI!

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Mon Dec 18 04:26:31 EST 2006

Ever read that FCC certification on the back of your machine? Its interference 
to the outside world is below certain limits and it must accept all 
interference from the outside. Thanks a bunch.

Things have come a long way. The DEC micro-computer I once worked at home on 
blacked out TV over a nice radius. I thought I was doing the world a service 
but awaited neighbors' complaints which thankfully never came.

How about having a session ruined because someone is nearby with their 
cellular phone? I am not talking about their voice. Outgoing and incoming 
calls transmit a nice signature through the audio system, in the computer or 
external amps, etc. Every time. (Most of this equipment was designed/built 
before the overabundance of these toys.)

I assume the computer stuff is grounded. A little battery guitar amp might not 
be. No matter, both get the calls. Had to kill the PA last night because the 
organizer would not kill his phone.

What can one do about it?

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