[linux-audio-user] OT: Cell Phone RFI!

Joseph M. Gaffney cucullin at wtfisthat.net
Mon Dec 18 11:30:08 EST 2006

Alot of this is due to grounding methods.  Interestingly, a test recently 
conducted showed that having a ground (one that literally went into the 
ground) horrendously increased rf interference. They began to look at why, 
and saw that most of the pro audio devices had a grounding method that was 
inadequate - mics being grounded to the shielding as they should, but also 
jumped across the circuit boards - this being the main source of issue.

I forget who did the study, but there is a whitepaper out there.  I don't have 
it at home, but I do have it at work - I will be back there tomorrow (home 
sick) and will post up a link to it then.  Lots of info is packed in there.

As a note, the one interesting thing that came from this was a line of mics 
that were "blackberry-proof".  I'll have to remember who made those, it may 
be of interest as well.

-Joseph M. Gaffney

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