[linux-audio-user] MOre realtime!

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Wed Dec 20 12:34:05 EST 2006

J M Needham wrote:
> Hi all,
> So I've just installed Ubuntu 6.09, and followed the instructions on
> http://fort2.xdas.com/~kor/oss2jack/install.html to install the
> realtime-lsm module and I've added
> @audio - rtprio 80
> @audio - memlock 500000
> to /etc/security/limits.conf and set the realtime mode on Jack. Seems ok,
> the only thing is that I can't get below 5.8 ms latency. Jack's behaving
> nicely with very few xruns, but won't do any better. The output of the
> messages with 32 frames for capture, for example, is:

One quick tip:

I just recently installed 6.10 (wich I guess you are referring to..?), 
and discovered a hackish-but-working method of getting RT in Ubuntu: 
Install the 64studio multimedia-kernel package. Works great here, I now 
got a rock steady 2.9ms on an el crap'o laptop soundcard, running with 
Beryl and Emerald! Didn't need to edit limits.conf.

Now beat that, Windows...

More here:

You won't get all modules etc from the ubuntu kernel, so if you need any 
of those that might require some more hacking.

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