[linux-audio-user] 64 studio

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Wed Dec 20 18:18:40 EST 2006


I recently gave 64 Studio a try and I am really impressed. It flys on my 
AMD Turion Laptop and everything is more snappy than under 32bit Ubuntu 
without Realtime Kernel. But I have some questions:

- with the internal crappy soundcard I can go as low as 2.67ms, it 
really feels like my Hardware instruments. But with the expensive 
Hammerfall PCMCIA Card I cant get lower then 5.33 without getting xruns, 
even without instruments. I expected it would be the other way round so 
where should I look for optimizations?

- formerly I gained some performance by switching to a light 
Windowmanager like Blackbox. Now I cant read any differences when I 
measure the load with top, whether I use Gnome or Blackbox. Its a bit 
strange in my opinion or did I miss a memo?


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