[linux-audio-user] Usable linux accompaniment software?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Thu Dec 21 08:17:16 EST 2006

>I intend to start working on learning tunes in a big way this year and
>would ideally like to come up with an integrated toolset that I can use
>to make lead sheets the way I like them, and from the same data files
>generate halfway usable auto-accompaniment tracks. System could
>preferably run on linux and OSX under fink. Opinions?

I've hacked with MMA .. its getting a lot of cohesive updates lately 
it seems, and it certainly seems feasible that you could feed it your 
own jazz.mid files for experimenting with .. was pretty easy to set 
up and use on my Ubuntu (edgy) box anyway ..





Jay Vaughan

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