[linux-audio-user] New member wants to build a reliable DAW

Dan Easley daneasley at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 10:33:56 EST 2006

On 12/20/06, Jon H <october001 at gmail.com> wrote:
> As for graphics card?  It is exactly as Kjetil has said, without meaning to,
> I'm sure...  it's *either* "a lot of heat OR a large fan".  Which do you
> prefer?  Modern cards, at least Nvidia's, are almost dead silent in relation
> to ambient noise levels in a recording enviroment.  Especially if you plan
> on running anything that requires OpenGL accelloration or VSTi
> compatibility, as many of them are quite graphically intensive.  If you run
> dual monitors as I have suggested then *definately* pass on anything that
> doesn't have dedicated active cooling!  Anything that relies on passive
> cooling (without getting into water cooling and other exotics) is just
> asking for trouble in this sort of enviroment.

I love my Matrox G450.  It's stupidly old and has few features - I
don't know if it can do much 3D or not, but I don't really care.  It's
got two vga outs, it's passively cooled, and it doesn't seem to get in
the way.  I run it in a computer in a garage that I'm just now getting
around to insulating - over the past summer ambient temperature was
often in the mid 90's F, sometimes higher, and the computer ran 24/7
with no troubles.

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