[linux-audio-user] Re: Attracting more Linux audio developers

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Sat Dec 23 12:54:46 EST 2006

> The problem with utopian visions is that they almost never take 
> into account the people who want to accomplish nothing more than 
> having a beer and watching American Idol.  And I have known A 
> LOT of people like that, sadly enough.

My friend, do you really think I will let something like that stop me?
Because the city has not been built yet, do you think it will never be
built? What about the city you are LIVING IN RIGHT NOW? Do you think
somebody built that? And do you think someone envisioned it before it
was built, or did the builders just start randomly digging around and
laying bricks on each other until mysteriously this city around you formed?

George Orwell is a "Utopian" vision. It's happening right now. That's
proof that visions can be created areal with enough determination, and I
will pursue the vision of a free society as long as I still have a drop
of blood in me.

YOU ARE READING THIS PIECE OF NEWS on part of a "Utopian" vision. Ever
heard of a guy called Richard Stallman? Is you enjoying free software a
Utopian vision? So if people just want to watch American Idol, who is
Richard Stallman, nobody?

How about Linus Torvalds. Who is he, nobody? Or is he somebody after all
but mysteriously hacks the Linux kernel dreading it while all he really
wants to do is watch American Idol?

I'll tell you why people watch American Idol, it's because SOMEBODY
ENVISIONED THEM THAT WAY who doesn't have their best interests at heart.
It takes a lot of strength to start believing you can have your own
visions while everyone is discouraging you. Of course. That's why there
is people like me here, which is probably why you wrote this reply in
the first place, unconsciously. So I'm telling you now: You can do
anything you like. You can! You can! You can change people, break the
spell. You can tell people that they don't have to watch American Idol.
Obviously not all of them will want to listen to you, but some will. So
instead of whining why people watch American Idol, invite them over for
dinner and talk to them about your vision for a free society. And guess
what, you're going to be the one who will MAKE that society, because of
your influence on other people. Do you really think that you, speaking
with confidence and authority, has less impact on people than CNN?
That's what CNN is, people speaking with confidence and authority on a
DAMN TELEVISION. You can do better than that! Just learn everything you
can about free societies and start *living that way*, and start
preaching it to people day and night, and see what happens.

I need all the help I can get in creating this change in the world. I
need everyone's help. I need YOUR HELP. Help me, Rob! I can't do it all
alone, but with you I stand half a chance. Come on and help me with this
vision! Think about it. All this technology that's in the vaults
everywhere, freely available. Free food. Free shelter. Free clothes.
Free toys. Free rides. Free everything. Free USB gadgets, for chrissake!

Somebody has to start. That's you. That's us. Please help.


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