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Sat Dec 23 13:44:12 EST 2006

"Kjetil S. Matheussen" <k.s.matheussen at notam02.no> wrote: 
Paul Winkler:
> On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 10:39:30AM -0500, Dave Phillips wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> I'm happy as a clam in mud with my new machine, but it's developed a
>> problem. I purchased an inexpensive nVidia-based card that's starting to
>> behave poorly. I think the hardware itself is buggy, the display will
>> sometimes shudder rapidly side-to-side, blurring the screen view.
>> Sometimes it stops and stays stopped, other times it goes on until I
>> have to reboot. The problem doesn't appear to be a heating problem, but
>> I've decided to go for a much better card anyway.
>> So, I want an nVidia-based card with 256 MB video RAM and a decent
>> cooling fan, preferably under $200. Any recommendations ?
>> Best,
>> dp
> I've been happy so far with a Gigabyte GV-NX66256DP2, based on the
> GeForce 6600. It's PCI-Express. Not a high-end card at all, it cost
> $95 in April 2006, but so far works flawlessly, and it's fanless.

I have a 6600LE card, but I'm unable to run at higher resolution than 
1024x786 with the nv driver. Can you do that?

That will also depend on what monitor you are running and how it is configured in X.  I've got an old ViewSonic A90 19" and a 6600GT that by default will run 1280x1024 @ 85Hz with the "nv" driver.  

A little googling seem to show that the GPU used in the 6600LE appears to be capable of much higher resolutions (as far as the hardware is concerned) finally depending on what monitor you have plugged into it and of course, what driver:

240 Hz Max Refresh Rate
2048 x 1536 x 32bit x 85 Hz Max Analog
1600 x 1200 Max Digital

>From http://www.nulime.com/EVGA-GeForce-6600LE-256MB-AGP-AGP-nVIDIA-Chipset-Graphics-Video-Cards-p141553-c2651.html


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