[linux-audio-user] Re: move LAU to a forum?

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Dec 25 04:50:53 EST 2006

ico at vt.edu wrote:

>>> FWIW, as far as the "speed" of forums is concerned, it largely depends on
>>> what you use in combination on what kind of hardware you run. I've seen
>> some
>>> that are quite fast despite the often dubious eye-candy.
>> Connecting to some web server on the other side of the planet
>> will always be slower than accessing mail that has been delivered
>> to me and is sitting on my hard drive.
> You still need to receive such e-mail either actively or passively. It does not
> miracoulously teleport into your HD.

But the email only needs to arrive ONCE on my hard drive. It doesn't 
need to be repeatedly delivered to me (along with mounds of HTML and 
other formatting code) every time I go to read the next note in the 
thread, then decide to go re-read the previous note in the thread.

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