[linux-audio-user] Re: OT: The Natural World and the Supernatural World

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Mon Dec 25 19:12:36 EST 2006

Hi Stephen, thanks for your interest! Do point to some Google Video
documenturies or similar of the kind of mining you do if you can. And
congratulations on having someone special in your life whose awareness
goes beyond five senses.

I'll answer this in a way to make it relevant to free music people
reading this.

As a rule, you can bet that any knowledge that is generally considered
weird, kooky, crazy, or dangerous is knowledge that has potential to
empower you to, for example, produce free music and give it away as your
full-time occupation. This knowledge is labeled 'paranormal', which
means nothing else than 'outside the spectrum of what is generally
agreed to be true.'. Some research into the field has revealed to me
that 'what is generally agreed to be true' takes form as a result of
'what I can admit is true without becoming the target of public hazing
and loss of my income'. These two efforts, so my sources (David Icke is
one of them... Google Video search the guy, he's amazing), are
co-ordinated systematically in a sort of grand plan to control people.
Essentially, what is going on in terms of public opinion is that it is a
tool to keep real investigation from taking place.

Being the subject of ridicule since childhood (somehow I simply was
unable to suppress my differing from the norm) I researched these things
and came to some astonishing conclusions:

* The physical reality is a miniscule part of reality itself
* Emotions, intuition (hunches) and imagination (including musical!)
  are our awareness of those other parts of reality
* There are many other realities we are completely unaware of.

So that's why I'd like to ditch the label 'paranormal' and refer to the
world we cannot hear, see, taste, touch or smell as the 'non-physical'.

So what you're asking me is, how do you deal with non-physical beings
attempting to control you? Well, just the same way you deal with any
fear, you go straight at it. That doesn't mean you attack, you simply
don't attempt to suppress the emotion or alter it in any way, you just
feel it. That is somewhat similar to ignoring, but it is not an active
thing; you don't "turn your back" on it, you simply experience it
without giving it a lot of relevance.

By this process it is impossible for whatever you are experiencing to
come back. Why? You didn't give it any relevance.

So yes, you have the power to alter anything in your life you don't
like, even pesky uninvited guests from non-physical places. Just keep in
mind it's *you* who are running the show. After all, when you get to
certain metaphysical levels of ourselves, it is impossible to tell us
apart, we are the same stuff. And that's the level you fix the problem
at ("remove" or "harmonize" would be more accurate) and it goes away for
good. When you attempt to fight it at a different level it was created
on (the physical), that's when you feel powerless.

It's like introducing a programming bug before it was compiled, and then
trying to look through the machine code to fix the program. After all,
this is what's running my life, it must make some sense! So when you
realize you have to look into the source code (your thoughts) and fix
the problem (your assumptions) there, the problem in physical events
(what might be considered external from the perspective of your body but
really is not) magically go away.

So you know what to tell anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who ever attempts to
control you? You tell him that he can go fuck himself. That goes for the
physical OR non-physical all the same, because the only one dictating
where your life is going is YOU, and when you allow yourself to have
that power, that's when your life starts to take off. NOBODY is in
control of you but YOU. Assume that and it becomes real and you get
anything you like from this world. Anything.

And as for my part, that something is 'More Free Software' and 'Free
Music that persuades people to participate in Free Culture' and
ultimately, 'change of society for the good of us all to achieve true
freedom'. Wanna hop on board? Let me hear some music, too, or use some


The Other schrieb:
> 12/25/06
> Hello Carlo,
> It was interesting to read the thoughts from the philosophers you 
> mentioned.  Thanks.
> But I was picking up a thought that the human being is the highest 
> power in his universe.  Was I incorrect in that conclusion?
> I've learned (formal training as a mining engineer, one of the most 
> pragmatic occupations around) that there is a natural world in which 
> you can empower yourself; through the techniques you've mentioned.
> And through marriage (31 years to a paranormal), I've learned (from 
> personal observation) that there is a supernatural world.
> In the supernatural world, the human being is not at the top of the 
> food chain.  External forces in the supernatural world can have a 
> direct impact on a human's actions in the natural world.
> Did the philosophers you've read also discuss what to do when the 
> supernatural effects the natural?
> My hypothesis is that evolution is slowly taking us closer and closer 
> to direct contact with the supernatural world.  Have these 
> philosophers any ideas on how to cope with this situation?
> Thanks Carlo,
> "The Other" Stephen Stubbs

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