[linux-audio-user] QSynth dumb question

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I do it a different way : Add a new engine for each sound font you use
(There's a little button, bottom left). Then editing channels is easy - it
makes sense. You also get different outputs for you instruments which can be


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So, I read the man page, I poked around on qsynth.sourceforge.net,
I read Dave's article at http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8354
and I must be missing something really obvious, because I'm stumped:

How the heck do you use the channels dialog?

(qsynth 0.2.5 by the way.)

For example. I have added several soundfonts via the Soundfonts
dialog. I click the Channels button.  Per Dave's tutorial, I expect to
see only names from the last font in my Soundfonts list. But I see a
mishmash of names from various soundfonts.  And I can't seem to DO
anything with them.  Per Dave's tutorial, I try right-clicking. I get
a popup menu with Edit and Refresh options.  Fine, I choose Edit for
channel 1.  I get a dialog labelled Channel 1.  There doesn't seem to
be any way to actually edit anything here. For example, right now I can
select bank 0 or bank 2.  Bank 0 includes this:

prog   Name                SFID     Soundfont
----   ----                ----     ---------
1      BritePiano          5        TrachtmanSteinC_XFade2_2001Aug16
0      GrandPiano-Multi    5        TrachtmanSteinC_XFade2_2001Aug16

And bank 2 includes this:

prog   Name                SFID     Soundfont
----   ----                ----     ---------
0      Roland 64VoicePiano 1        Roland_64VoicePiano

I can't find any way to add other programs, or remove the ones that
are showing. I seem to be permanently stuck with these.  I don't even
really know how I got them in there :-(

As far as I can tell, what I'm actually hearing is bank 2 program 0.
I have resorted to every combination of mouse buttons and keyboard
modifiers I can think to try.  Nothing I do has any visible or audible



Paul Winkler

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