[linux-audio-user] music made with linux

Yves Potin yves at jazzcomputer.org
Sat Dec 30 14:00:12 EST 2006

Le 30 Dec à 18:53, Atte André Jensen ecrivait:
> Hi and merry Christmas + happy new year to all!

        Happy new year :).

> This is a song I wrote last week and recorded using muse, specimen, zyn
> and ardour. It's the first song I did with my new SE usb2200a usb
> microphone.
        I liked it very much, really nice. 

> (Christian) lyrics in danish, feedback welcome.

        The voice sounds great. Maybe the bass is a little loud, and its
sound lacks a little release (for me the notes are cut to shortly) ;
maybe the percussions could have a wider reverb. But it's a very nice song,
thanks for sharing :). 


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