[linux-audio-user] music made with linux

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 17:45:40 EST 2006

lanas wrote:

> The mood setting and development is quite nice and that's the strong
> point.  The voice is also quite good but could be a bit more expressive
> in some details.

I kind of agree, however:

She's not a very expressive singer by nature. And for this project 
(which this song is part of) I decided to see what comes natural (same 
goes for compositions, arrangements, other performers, etc), and later 
see it the whole needs something different at spots. Besides for this 
particular song I wanted a quite "un-dynamic" feel, which also means 
that I really tried keeping the arrangement very dynamically static. 
Just enough development in the music to keep the listener from being too 
bored, but no crescendos, or climaxes or such. Just a simple statement 
of the mood.

Still I will definitely keep this in mind when reworking it. Thanks for 
your thoughts!

> On the other hand, I've found that the bass (bassest ?) noise used as
> percussion is a bit unsetting.  When it is used in the percussion break
> it is nice, but unless it represents something that has to do with the
> meaning/lyrics, it kind of stands out and does not blend enough with
> the other percussive counterparts of same 'noise' and them all with the
> piece. IMHO, of course.

Hmmm. I'm not sure which sound you're referring to. Is it the one on 
"one in every other bar", the one leading into sections or the one on 

> It is not sung in English, isn't it ?  Do you have a translation of the
> words ?

The lyrics are Danish. I wouldn't want to bug the list with it, 
considered it's religious nature. I could translate it and send it to 
you off-list if you're interested...

peace, love & harmony

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