[linux-audio-user] music made with linux

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 20:09:37 EST 2006

Atte André Jensen wrote:

> http://web4490.web03.talkactive.net/demo/ro/ro.mp3

Well, I tried most of the nice suggestions and put up a new version:


The version from the original post is here:



* thickened the "sine rhodes" a bit
* added reverb (room) to percussive noises + minor level adjustments
* added reverb (plate) to vocal
* changed wrong audio track in one lower voice to correct one
* turned reverse delay a bit up on vocals
* slightly longer (non clicking) release on bass
* added slightly more overtone content to lead sound (solo) and turned
it down a bit.
* tagged the mp3 file

In general I think it blends better now, when no sounds (except bass and
bell) are completely dry. I think maybe the vocal are a bit too high and 
the percussion is a bit to low, but I'll leave it with that for now...

To accomplish this I had to (in the real linux audio user spirit) patch
specimen to allow more instances to be running with different client
names + disable the annoying auto-connect audio outs feature (patch will
be submitted to specimen list when cleaned up a bit).

Thanks for listening, and for the many nice words. Maybe the more eager
among you find time to listen to the new version.

peace, love & harmony

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