[linux-audio-user] Ardour: Pre-recording effect-tracks

Mathias Friman mathias.friman at knorca.se
Sun Dec 31 05:32:37 EST 2006


I wish all of you that has the appropriate calendar a happy new year,
and the rest of you a good day/night/morning/evening.

Excuse a n00b, but I wonder if there is a way of pre-recording/cacheing
effects on a track in order to save computing power, except routing the
output to another track and record that one?

I'm not very skilled in either ardour or digital recording with other
programs on any platform, so I'd very much appreciate if you'd be
somewhat thourough in your answer. :)

I've tried to "bounce" a track, but nothing seems to happen. How does
the bounce work, and is it the right way to go?


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