[linux-audio-user] Newbie alert. Realtime knowledge stuff

Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Mon Feb 13 11:09:50 EST 2006

Jonty Needham wrote:

>I want to enable realtime privileges on my SUSE 9.3 2.6.11 kernel. I
>have no idea how to do this, and numerous google searches have turned up
>not many results. It would be nice if someone could tell me how to do
>this, but even better if someone could either send me the resources
>where I can find out all this stuff, and even better if someone could
>send me both things. (Why? I want to be able to get realtime audio
>privileges as user.)
>Also, is it better for me to upgrade to a 2.6.15 kernel? All the info
>I've read (and understood) seems to make me think yes.
>Even a google link would be nice.
>Bless you guys
Download this patch:


and follow instructions inside the README. You may need to recompile the 
kernel if you don't have this settings :


Otherwise, just do 'make && make install'.

Then add your own user to the 'audio' group in /etc/group.

Then make the REALTIME module loaded at startup with:

MODPROBE gid='the gid of the audio group in your distro'



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