[linux-audio-user] More music

Gavin Stevens gavin-stevens at gavmusic.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Feb 18 19:57:44 EST 2006

>> Arabesque is an excellent piece. I would love to play it.
> ----
> Hello Gavin. :-)
> Thank you very much for the compliment! I hope to have a score
> ready in a few weeks (in PDF form, notated using LilyPond), at which
> time it will be uploaded to the directory at my webspace that contains
> the few other scores I have created:
> http://www.xscd.com/pub/music/scores__notation/
> I'll send a note to you when the score is complete. Thank you very
> much for your interest.

Great - I look forward to it.
> Some time I would love to hear a recording of someone else (a better
> pianist--my hands are very small and fingers short, with barely an
> octave's reach) playing one of my pieces.

I would be delighted to do this. Perhaps once I have the score for
"Arabesque" & have practiced it, I can record it along with the scores
for two other pieces of yours.

Best wishes,


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