[linux-audio-user] Re: rosegarden without KDE?

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Fri Feb 24 11:55:30 EST 2006

> That's ridiculous. Disk space is dirtcheap nowadays.

Look an African university professor in the eye and say that again.

> kdelibs which is much smaller and faster
> to compile/install than whole KDE.

True, elephants ARE smaller than whales.

> And please stop ranting about the major desktops.

Please stop telling other people what to think.

All this is precisely the attitude that causes bloat. It is obviously
not true that space and speed doesn't matter, namely in embedded systems
and recycled hardware. We should seriously make everything as small and
fast as possible and we could soon be running the same software on
desktop PCs, handhelds and toasters.

Unfortunately, the WinXP lookalike league makes that a bit more difficult.

To be at least a little productive in this post, to my knowledge,
Rosegarden depends on KDE like a golf ball depends on a club. That's why
I don't use it anymore (switched to XFCE and HAPPY). I use SEQ24 and I
am praying for rapid development on Ardour MIDI support.

(Can you believe UI oriented software that good can weigh at six megs
packed STATICALLY LINKED? Unbelievable!)


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