[linux-audio-user] Companies Refusing to Release/Permit Linux Drivers

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 18:11:28 EST 2006

Lots of times companies use technology they license from other
companies. Releasing specs for this type of info often requires a mind
numbing approval process with all other companies involved. For many
companies it's just not worth the time and cost to do all this.
Besides, a DVD burner is rather simple to reverse engineer and RME's
firewire unit sucks anyway. Get an Apogee firewire unit if you must
have a firewire interface. (Apogee's units are supported by the
freebob project)


On 2/25/06, Maluvia <terakuma at imbris.net> wrote:
> Just went back and reread the thread re: Plextor drivers, as we are looking to buy a DVD-burner, and have been very happy with our Plexwriter, and previous Plextor CD burner.
> (Also read the entire thread on cdfreaks.com re:Pxlinux )
> This is the second time this month I've run into a situation where a hardware manufacturer is refusing both to release their own linux drivers/software, or the information necessary for others to write their own.
> This makes no rational sense to me.
> How on earth does it harm them to allow someone else, on their own time and own dime, to write a driver or program for another OS, unless the company is planning to write their own drivers/software and sell them - which in the case of both Plextor and RME does not appear to be the case.
> Allowing 3rd party drivers/software can only increase the market for their products, as they will then be usable on a broader array of operating systems. Bigger market = more $$ for them, doesn't it?
> What possible gain is there for them to coerce users into using a M$ OS?
> Unless . . . . .
> Not being a programmer, or knowing what is involved in writing drivers I am just wondering:
> could it be that MS is refusing to release whatever code is necessary for the hardware manufacturers to write their MS-compatible drivers/software unless they acquiesce to some sort of exclusivity agreement - i. e. agree to neither write Linux (or other OS) drivers/sw, nor release their own hw info that would allow anyone else to do so?
> I just cannot think of any other reason why hardware manufacturers would want to lock their product into a single OS.
> - Maluvia

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