[linux-audio-user] Copyleftmedia News: The GIMP and Sex, New Madonna Remix Project contributions

Rob lau at kudla.org
Mon Jan 2 23:58:06 EST 2006

On Mon January 2 2006 20:32, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
> welcomed to the discussion, but when I objected to the posting
> of a half-naked female body to demonstrate a bug when any
> other photo could have substituted, I was chastised like a
> child, accused of 'policing the mailing list' and called a
> 'religious freak', among other names, by the list admin, when

I myself am gay, and have no interest in objectifying women at 
all (except when they ask for my help doing it to themselves... 
corset shopping, accessorizing, et al.)  Nonetheless, I also 
think that anyone who objects to images of a partially clothed 
woman (or man) in a visual arts context has no place working in 
a visual arts context.  I hate to think how you'd respond to 
actual nudes.

Regardless, as soon as your medium-critical posts exceeded your 
on-topic and helpful posts as a "writer and tester", you became 
a liability to that list.  Not being a member, I couldn't say 
whether that happened before or after the admin lashed out at 
you, but if it was before, you probably deserved to be moderated 
if not chastised.

> of usability and interface design - an area of considerable
> importance if one is to attract users of Adobe and Macromedia
> packages towards Free Software.

I would point out that support communities for at least some 
Adobe products often feature material that's far more risque 
than partially-clothed women. Maybe what's needed is a 
gimp-dworkin-user list, if you find others in the strange 
situation of wanting to be part of the electronic visual arts 
community while never being exposed to the single most common 
product of that community.

I'm not sure whether you came here looking for support, or to 
chastise us, or just to troll, but rest assured that we have no 
naked or partially clothed people here.... at least, not that 
you can see.  


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