[linux-audio-user] Debian 2.6.14 alsa problems

Laura Conrad lconrad at laymusic.org
Tue Jan 3 10:00:07 EST 2006

>>>>> "DB" == David Baron <d_baron at 012.net.il> writes:

    DB> Still cannot get this to play. Kernel boots up fine loading of
    DB> any alsa fails with a bunch of undefined symbols. I am using
    DB> neither udev nor devfs (no longer in kernel)--based on an old
    DB> knoppix hdinstall, upgraded to Debian Sid.

    DB> Kernels through 2.6.11 worked fine. 2.6.12 --mpu401 fails,
    DB> 2.6.14 alsa audio fails. Fun.

That's very similar to my system, and I was pleasantly surprised that
installing 2.6.14 "just worked".  I had to run alsaconf, and then I
had audio with all the exact same problems I'd had with 2.6.12.  I
haven't had hardware MIDI working since 2.4 or maybe even 2.2, and I
haven't tested recording recently, but playing works fine.

If you need to compare your setup to mine, feel free to ask.

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