[linux-audio-user] Copyleftmedia News: The GIMP and Sex, New Madonna Remix Project contributions

miriam clinton (iriXx) m at iriXx.org
Tue Jan 3 19:44:33 EST 2006

>Rob wrote:
> I myself am gay, and have no interest in objectifying women at
>all (except when they ask for my help doing it to themselves... 
>corset shopping, accessorizing, et al.)  Nonetheless, I also 
>think that anyone who objects to images of a partially clothed 
>woman (or man) in a visual arts context has no place working in 
>a visual arts context.  I hate to think how you'd respond to 
>actual nudes.
The photographs were not at all in an artistic context - it is a pity 
that I have lost them, as they would prove the point of my argument; the 
lack of maturity within the F/OSS community. The photographs were pure 
soft-porn, there was no art involved.

I am a trained artist and much in support of the artistic portrayal of 
the human body.
I am not in support of the denegration of either sex for the purpose of 

>Regardless, as soon as your medium-critical posts exceeded your 
>on-topic and helpful posts as a "writer and tester", you became 
>a liability to that list.
LOL. I made one small request regarding the appropriate use of 
photography when a facial portrait could have demonstrated the same bug. 
I made one further post defending my position, in which I stated that I 
would leave th discussion at that point. It is the overreaction of the 
list-admin, his childish attitude, and the immaturity of the F/OSS 
community which I address. I would suggest that you might also not wish 
our community to be so poorly represented by

>  Not being a member, I couldn't say 
>whether that happened before or after the admin lashed out at 
>you, but if it was before, you probably deserved to be moderated 
>if not chastised.
It all happened in his private posts to me - I made no provocation 
whatsoever, just a simple request. What I quoted in my article was his 
quite unnecessary, and unprovoked overreaction. I am hazarding a guess 
that the list-admin is extremely young, and cannot moderate a list in a 
mature fashion but instead responded to a polite request by lashing out 
at me. He may disagree with my request, as others did, and I accept 
their disagreement; what I write of is their lack of maturity in posting 
soft-porn to a devel list, and his ridiculous and unprovoked attack. The 
reason I write about this at all? GIMP is a major representation of the 
GNU/Linux platform - it is essential that maturity is maintained among 
our community if we are ever to reach mainstream distribution. One might 
note that Windows and Mac users are at all times treated in a 
professional manner - perhaps as support staff would lose their jobs if 
they lashed out at customers or packaged their software with soft-porn 
models on the cover.

>I'm not sure whether you came here looking for support, or to 
>chastise us, or just to troll, but rest assured that we have no 
>naked or partially clothed people here.... at least, not that 
>you can see.  
Neither, I regularly post updates regarding my Copyleftmedia project to 
this list, although it has been some time since the last.

List readers may well have been interested in the continuation of the 
Madonna Remix Project, which is on-topic for this list and has been 
followed keenly by many list subscribers. I am intrigued as to why a 
news update has caused such a stir; judging by the two responses I have 
received from this particular list, in contrast to DMCA-discuss, Pho,  
C-FIT Community and the other F/OSS campaign lists to which I posted 
this message, neither of you have bothered to read the article and have 
proven yourselves to be exactly the type of coders lacking in maturity 
of which I wrote.
It intrigues me as to how oversensetive you are in your responses as 
well - anyone who read the actual article would have seen that it 
neither defends the demeaning of women by men, men by women, or same-sex.

A reader from DMCA-discuss responded that my story described perfectly 
the reasons why F/OSS will never reach the mainstream - in his words, 
the community must quite simply "grow up". /This/, and not a knee-jerk 
commentary on so-called 'sexism', was the focus of the article - the 
immaturity of a list admin towards a simple point made on-list, 
discussed briefly and dropped. The fact that the list-admin could not 
handle very mild debate over what was indeed an unnecessary use of 
photography (a portrait of a face could suffice) proved his immaturity 
and poor representation for a major piece of software in the F/OSS 
community. This list-admin, if he does not address his attitude towards 
subscribers and inability to cope with debate, will continue to work to 
the detriment of F/OSS software. Is that not of concern to us as 
GNU/Linux users?



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