[linux-audio-user] Debian 2.6.14 alsa problems

Laura Conrad lconrad at laymusic.org
Fri Jan 6 07:48:59 EST 2006

>>>>> "c" == cmetzler  <cmetzler at speakeasy.net> writes:

    c> I haven't seen how the emu10k1 looks in recent versions of
    c> alsa/alsamixer, but the volume control for the output of the
    c> wavetable synth used to have the singularly unhelpful title of
    c> "Music" in alsamixer.  

It looks to me like that has now been replaced with "synth".

    c> You might play around there.  Or perhaps steal the mixer
    c> settings from someone who's got it working, and see if that
    c> helps.

This sounds like a good idea.  Can someone using the emu10k1 driver
with working MIDI post their mixer settings?

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