[linux-audio-user] Debian 2.6.14 alsa problems

Laura Conrad lconrad at laymusic.org
Fri Jan 6 10:42:06 EST 2006

>>>>> "NH" == Nigel Henry <cave.dnb at tiscali.fr> writes:

    NH> Hi Laura On Debian Sarge/Etch, using Alsamixer v1.0.10 , the only controls 
    NH> affecting midi output are. Master; Front; and Music; obviously with the 
    NH> Audigy switch unmuted also.

For the SBLive, 1.0.10 doesn't seem to have either Front or Music.
I'm pretty sure Music is now Synth; does anyone know what Front turned

    NH> I'm using Kmid, and Emu10k1 Wavetable Emu10k1 Port2 -ALSA device (shown in 
    NH> Kmids midi config), and the other 3 ports are ok. 

Kmid looks like it would be really nice,  if it would only play the

    NH> Souncard is: Audigy2 soundblaster (emu10k1). Chip: Sigmatel
    NH> STAC9721/23

Card: SBLive! Platinum [CT4760P]                                
Chip: TriTech TR28602   

    NH> Kernel: 2.6.11-1-386

Kernel: 2.6.14-2-386

    NH> Alsa version: 1.0.8      (with the 2.6.11 kernel)

[~]# cat /proc/asound/version
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.10rc1 (Mon Sep 12 08:13:09 2005 UTC).

    NH> Alsa components installed:
    NH> alsa-base      1.0.10-3
    NH> alsa-modules-2.4-27-2-386  1.0.10+1    (I have a 2.4 kernel, as well as the 
    NH> 2.6)
    NH> alsa-oss        1.0.10-1
    NH> alsa-utils        1.0.10-1

[~]# dpkg -l alsa-modules-2*
||/ Name                        Version                     Description
ii  alsa-base                   1.0.10-3                    ALSA driver configuration files
ii  alsa-modules-2.4.27-1-686   1.0.6a+4                    Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (drivers)
ii  alsa-oss                    1.0.10-1                    ALSA wrapper for OSS applications
ii  alsa-utils                  1.0.10-1                    ALSA utilities
ii  alsaplayer                  0.99.76-0.2                 PCM player designed for ALSA
ii  alsaplayer-common           0.99.76-0.2                 PCM player designed for ALSA (common files)
ii  alsaplayer-gtk              0.99.76-0.2                 PCM player designed for ALSA (GTK version)
ii  alsaplayer-oss              0.99.76-0.2                 PCM player designed for ALSA (OSS output module)

    NH> ps: sorry messing with the BIOS didn't fix it.

No problem.  If I'm not profusely thanking people for trying to help
with every message, it isn't because I'm not grateful.  

Laura (mailto:lconrad at laymusic.org , http://www.laymusic.org/ )
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