[linux-audio-user] Edirol UA 1EX @ 44.1kHz

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sat Jan 7 13:00:14 EST 2006

Hi folks,

a friend of mine has a collection of mp3 files which all are based on 
44.1kHz. Using a soundcard which only supports 48kHz makes it necessary 
to resample the audio material before outputting it to the 

To avoid the resampling, he's looking for an USB audio card which runs 
well on Linux (preferably with the snd_usb_audio-module) and natively 
supports 44.1kHz in hardware.

One choice could be the Edirol UA 1EX, but I haven't found any resource 
which clearly states that it is running well on Linux, even at 44.1kHz.



I can read

»Supports both advanced and OS-standard drivers (Win/ Mac OS X), 
selected with ADVANCED DRIVER.«

but I also see


/* TODO: add Edirol UA-1EX support */

Can anyone give me a wee small hint whether the device works or not? If 
so, any experiences with material at 44.1kHz?

Best regards


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