[linux-audio-user] Complete Linux Audio System

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sat Jan 7 19:44:08 EST 2006

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i intend to build such a box until June this year - so it could be ready
for shipping in November at best... (if one takes care for stuff like
guaranty, professional support etc.) I got a kind of a Prototype running
which i am about to optimize for Musicians (that is: writing and
integrating helperapplets / scripts / templates and tutorials etc.)

I really do *not* think, that any to-be-installed CD-Distribution can
really do perfectly well - Hardware is simply too diverse to make sure,
that a CD-INstall does not leads to ruin - let alone works as good as a
set of Programms, that are compiled and configured by someone with some
experience/knowledge on a box that is build out of parts that are chosen
for being 100% Linuxproof.

If you prefer to invest money to save time/effort i gravely recommend to
by a complete preconfigured Box
BTW: why not something 2nd hand - a box with some scratches but with
proven virtues ;-)

Folderol schrieb:
> I would like to buy (yes I did say buy) a reasonably complete Linux

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