[linux-audio-user] Urgent: BIG bug into Musix 0.30, troubleshooting...

Marcos Guglielmetti marcospcmusica at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Jan 11 10:22:47 EST 2006

Hi everybody

Trouble: realtime module was not loaded at startup time by Musix 0.30

cp /etc/rc5.d/backup/S15realtime /etc/rc5.d/

Thanks to Carlos Pino!

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 16:08, Carlos Pino wrote:

On Friday 11 November 2005 22:49, vcvz vcxzv wrote:
> I see the 0.30 livecd has the echo drivers in the
> /lib/modules/2.6.13-1-multimedia/alsa  folder
> but i think the problem is to use the multimedia kernel you have to
> install it to the harddrive and do the grub or lilo thiing to choose
> the multimedia off the harddrive install
> I posted a howto replace the knoppix livecd boot kernel and it would
> be cool to replace the 2.6.11 knoppix default kernel with the
> multimedia kernel so that we can use it by default but that will take
> some doing.  I have an echo mia card and i guess only way to get it
> to work is to do a harddrive install of the livecd:
> it would also be really cool when the freebob drivers become more
> usable to include those as well.
> Marcos any chance of replacing the knoppix 2.6.11 with the multimedia
> kernel and modules?
> :))
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