[linux-audio-user] New Free Proyect starting

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladt at punkass.com
Thu Jan 12 11:31:12 EST 2006

Clemens Ladisch escribe:
> Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:
> > I've been reported by some people that 16bit A/D converters by
> > Digidesign in the past offered more signal to noise ratio than most
> > 24bit soundcards in the market that time. I don't know about the
> > current status I admit.
> My old Edirol UA-1A (16 bits, Asahi Kasei AK4520) does better A->D than the
> SB Audigy 2 NX (24 bits, SigmaTel STAC9460).  I'm not surprised.

My grandma with an tetra brik empty of milk joined with a string to an
abacus does better A->D than any Creative product. }:)

Cordially, Ismael
Dropping science like when Galileo dropped his orange
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