[linux-audio-user] rlimit problem on opensuse 10.0 - maybe first part of a solution

Burkhard Ritter burkhard.ritter at stud-mail.uni-wuerzburg.de
Thu Jan 12 13:19:28 EST 2006

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 11:24:49PM +0100, Thomas Kuther wrote:
> Hi people!
> I finally got pam rt rlimits working, using pam 0.78 + rlimits patch on
> a gentoo system. Jack starts fine in realtime. rt-lsm not loaded.
> But there are some questions i'd like to ask, well.. one that is. And i
> think this might also be the issue mentioned here.
> all docs around the net tell that one has to set following in
> limits.conf:
> @audio       -       memlock     250000
> @audio       -       nice            -10
> @audio       -       rtprio          100
> ..or @audio whatever. now i also got that unknown item 'rtprio' on
> login from pam.
> looking at the patch i found the following:
> now even i'm not a coder, rtprio is infact called rt_priority! that
> seems dokumented wrong in limits.conf on opensuse
> Maybe that helps some people here! If i got something wrong please
> excuse and correct me. At least here it now all seems to work out fine
> and also audio apps can now use more than 15% cpu, which is set as
> default value in the patch.
> Best regards
> Tom

I was under the impression that the developers of pam changed this when
they merged in the patch. So yes, with the patch it is rt_priority (and
that is what I am still using and what works), but with pam > 0.80 it
should be rtprio. (You can browse the source code at sourceforge to
convince yourself.) Why this does not work on Suse (which has pam
>= .80, to the best of my knowledge) I don't know.


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