[linux-audio-user] WINE and MIDI

Victor Roetman vroetman at myrealbox.com
Thu Jan 12 22:38:34 EST 2006

How can I get my WINE applications to see my alsa MIDI ports?

I have read some reports of people using Band-in-a-Box and Jammer with
WINE, with varied success.  I wanted to try using several of my Windows
MIDI apps (Jammer, OneManBand, some synth editors) under WINE, but when
I am able to get the application to work, it says there are no MIDI
devices available, except the MIDI mapper for output, which seems to do
nothing for me.  How can I get these applications to see a MIDI input
and MIDI output port that I can route to somewhere useful?



-= =- vroetman at myrealbox.com -= =-

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