[linux-audio-user] Next question re midi

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Jan 14 07:58:40 EST 2006

On Friday 13 January 2006 16:48, Nigel Henry was like:
> The question: On FC1 I used to use Kmidi that used TiMidity, and that
> worked fine, but seems to have been dropped with the change to the 2.6
> kernel. Do you know if there is a front end to TiMidity? The Sourceforge
> page for it shows a GUI, and there is also a link on that page to a
> Japanese site, from which I got a shell script for a GUI, but was not able
> to run it. Perhaps my own lack of knowledge, but will have another look at
> it. Any other suggestions for a GUI would be welcome. I did try installing
> from the tarball, but there are so many ./configure options for audio, and
> GUI's that I got quite lost. If you have a set of options that you know
> work
> with ./configure for FC2,3 I'd be very gratefull. Nigel.

Sure it does, several.
man timidity
       -i mode, --interface=mode
              Selects  the  user interfaces from the compiled-in alternatives.
              mode must be begun with one of the supported  interface  identi-
              fiers.  Run TiMidity++ with the -h option to see a list.
              For  ALSA sequencer interface, optionally to use --realtime-pri-
              ority,  set  the  realtime   priority   by   n,   and   to   use
              --sequencer-ports,  set  the  number  of opened sequencer ports.
              Default value is 4.
              The following identifiers may be available:

              -id    dumb interface

              -in    ncurses interface

              -is    S-Lang interface

              -ia    X Athena Widget interface

              -ik    Tcl/Tk interface

              -im    Motif interface

              -iT    vt100 interface

              -ie    Emacs interface
                     (use ``M-x timidity'' in Emacs)

              -ii    skin interface
                     Environment variable TIMIDITY_SKIN must  be  set  to  the
                     path  of  the  skin  data  (compressed data are also sup-

              -ig    GTK+ interface

              -ir    Launch TiMidity++ as MIDI server.

              -iA    Launch TiMidity++ as ALSA sequencer client.

              -iW    Windodws synthesizer interface

              -iw    Windodws GUI interface

              -iP    PortMIDI synthesizer interface

              -ip    UMP interface

I tend to use the -ig interface.

> BTW. Theres another Icon attached below for Specimen. I don't think I've
> sent this already. it hasn't been sent to the author for approval, and is a
> bit (no offence) girly looking, colour wise, but is better than staring at
> a binary gear icon.

I like the concept, bear in mind that Ipx wide lines in a 64x64 icon will 
disappear when it gets reduced to smaller sizes (as it inevitably does. I 
like the concept, but I would remove all the lettering and notes and perhaps 
just have a waveform in the specimen jar.

tim hall

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