[linux-audio-user] Music made with Linux

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sat Jan 14 10:47:34 EST 2006

Jan Depner wrote:

>    I wrote this about a week after the storm.  Later my daughter worked
>on the melody and a bit on the lyrics.  It was recorded in Ardour
>(qjackctl/JACK), mastered with JAMin, and trimmed with Audacity.  It's
>in mp3 for my poor benighted Windoze using friends.
>    It is dedicated to Sam who didn't die in the lower ninth ward but in
>Pass Christian, MS with his two year old son.
Nice mix and performance, but on my cheapo system for my laptop (Peavey 
desktop speakers, no sub) the vocals aren't always clear. I'll listen to 
it again later on the desktop system, it's much better for more 
realistic playback.

Thanks for sharing, it's always good to hear something from eviltwin69. :)



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